Pebble Beach 2013

August 17 & 18, 2013

Since the 1950s, Pebble Beach has represented the ultimate collector car lover’s destination. Today, enthusiasts from around the world enjoy the complete experience of the spectacular California coast scenery, exclusive concours and the finest classic cars available. As the official auction house of the famed and prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance®, Gooding & Company is where leading international collectors seek new additions to their stables. Within Pebble Beach, start the week with our viewing on Wednesday, and continue on to Thursday’s Tour d’Elegance that begins and ends at the Gooding & Company tent. Saturday and Sunday, experience the excitement of the most anticipated auctions of the year. Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary at Pebble Beach in 2013, Gooding & Company continues to set the bar on a global scale. Consistently setting market leading results, this is an event not to be missed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


+I have a car I would like to sell. How do I get started?
Whether you’re interested in consigning a car for one of our auctions or for private treaty, the best way to get started is by contacting a Gooding & Company Specialist at You may also fill out and submit our consignment inquiry form online. Once you have submitted your information, a Specialist will assess the vehicle and contact you to discuss the best platform for its sale.

Bidder Registration

+How can I register to bid at an auction?
To bid at a Gooding & Company auction, you must first complete and submit the bidder registration forms available on our website. Please note that a bank letter of guarantee is required to bid at our auctions. A sample bank letter is provided within our forms. Once the forms have been completed, you can email, fax or mail the completed forms to Gooding & Company using the contact details provided on the forms.
+I’ve submitted my bidder registration forms. Does that mean I’m approved?
Once your bidder registration forms have been submitted, we will review your information and contact you for any additional details we may require or to let you know that you are approved to bid with us.
+How do I receive my bidder registration packet?
Your bidder registration packet will be available for you to pick up when you check in at Gooding & Company’s site during the Viewing and Auction days.

Online Catalogue

+How do I view upcoming auction cars on your website?
You may view all vehicles on our website by visiting our Vehicles page. From there you will be able to filter and sort your results by upcoming auction vehicles, past auctions or all vehicles.
+I’m having trouble viewing the online catalogue. What do I do?
We have designed our website to be compatible with the largest number of browsers possible. However if you are having difficulties viewing the online catalogue or another area of our website, please contact us at 310.899.1960 or for technical assistance.

Attending the Auction

+How do I get into the viewing and auction?
If you have already purchased a catalogue, you may bring it to the auction to redeem for admission for two. If you have not purchased a catalogue, individual admission wristbands are available for purchase in the entry tent of each Gooding & Company auction site. A wristband allows access and re-entry to all viewing days and the auctions. Please be advised, priority seating in the auction tent is reserved for registered bidders and their guests. The admission cost will vary based on venue, so please reference our Auctions page for details on each event.
+I did not get any wristbands with my catalogue. How do I get in?
We do not ship wristbands out with our catalogues. If you have received our catalogue prior to an auction, you may bring the book itself to our auction site and redeem it for two admission wristbands.
+Do you ever run out of wristbands?
Don’t worry, we never run out of admission wristbands for our guests. Admission is available through the last day of each auction.
+Is there reserved seating or a VIP pass available?
We do not provide VIP passes, as we strive to offer a VIP-level experience for every guest who attends our events. We do offer priority seating for bidders and their guests separate from general seating, to allow our auctioneer to facilitate the sale in the smoothest and most efficient manner possible.
+When/where is the auction?
Our next auction will be in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 17 & 18, 2014. Please reference our main Auction page for all details regarding each of our upcoming events.
+Can I purchase Pebble Beach Concours event tickets through Gooding & Company?
Gooding & Company does not sell tickets to the concours. To purchase tickets for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, please visit the official Pebble Beach Concours website.
+I can’t attend the auction personally. How can I watch remotely?

We offer live streaming of all our auctions, both in browser-based and mobile device format. A link directing you to the live broadcast will be made available on Gooding & Company’s homepage and throughout the site on the day of each event, and the live broadcast itself will begin streaming about 15 minutes before each auction.
+May I still bid on a vehicle if I am unable to attend the auction?
Yes. Gooding & Company offers both phone bidding and absentee bids for all our auctions. Please complete the bidder registration forms available on our Register to Bid page and indicate the lots you wish to bid on either by phone or absentee bid.
+How can I figure out when a car will be up on the block?
An estimated 12-15 lots will pass over the block within one hour. This range should help you in determining when a chosen lot will be up for sale on the block.

Vehicle Paperwork & Accompanying Items

+I’m selling my car at a Gooding & Company auction. What kind of title work do I need to provide?
We require a current title in the current owner’s name in order to offer a car for sale at auction. If the title is in a business or entity name, please let us know immediately so all consignment paperwork and agreements are consistent. We are also able to offer cars at auction on a valid bill of sale. Please let us know that a car will be sold on bill of sale as soon as possible, as we provide this information to potential buyers in the catalogue. If you are selling a car that is registered overseas, then we require whatever title form is valid in that country, for example the V5 form from the UK or the Fahrzeugbrief from Germany. Feel free to contact us with specific questions regarding your overseas title.
+Whom do I give title work to?
Please provide title work of your consigned car to our Sale Administrator, Kay-Ann Pearson.
+Who do I give accompanying items to?
Please provide accompanying items of your consigned car to our Business Affairs Administrative Assistant, Phoebe Berline.

Transport & Delivery

+When do I need to transport my car to the auction site? When does my car need to arrive at the auction site?
Cars need to arrive onsite several days in advance of viewing, so that we may properly catalogue all accompanying items and detail your car for presentation at viewing and for auction. For specific dates when we receive cars on site, please contact Kay-Ann Pearson.
+How do I transport my car to the auction site? Which carrier should I use?
If you are transporting your car within the United States, we have a few select truck carriers that we can recommend. We also work closely with Intercity Lines, whose representatives are available to help arrange post-sale transportation at each of our auction sites. If you are transporting overseas, we work with Cosdel as our shipping broker, who will reach out to the overseas agent to coordinate. There are many choices, however the most popular has been CARS UK/USA. If you use a different overseas agent, they may not necessarily work with Cosdel for import, which is still fine.
+When should my car arrive on site?
Your car should arrive on site several days prior to our viewing schedule, in order to allow us to properly catalogue accompanying items and to detail the car before it is presented at viewing and auction. For our specific arrival and receiving dates for each auction, please contact Kay-Ann Pearson at
+Where should the car be delivered?
Our recommended transport companies are briefed on our preferred delivery locations. If you are transporting your car independently, please contact Kay-Ann Pearson or Ricky Reed, our Logistics Manager for car delivery instructions.
+Who do I speak to about delivering the car?
If you have any additional questions about transporting and delivering your car to our auction site, please contact Kay-Ann Pearson at


+Do I have to order a catalogue?
If you have consigned a car with Gooding & Company, you do not need to order a catalogue for admission. We will mail a catalogue to you at your preferred mailing address. If you wish to receive your catalogue at a different address than the one provided on your catalogue information sheet, please contact us to indicate your alternative address preference.
+If I have consigned a car, when should I provide information for the catalogue?
As soon as we have received your signed consignment agreement, we are able to begin the catalogue process. Please send back your completed catalogue information form along with your consignment agreement at your earliest convenience so that we have adequate time to prepare your text. If you prefer, you may also send your catalogue information in electronically via a digital form.
+Who do I contact if I have questions about the catalogue?
If you have questions about the printed catalogue, please contact Caroline Donahue, the Catalogue Production Manager at

The Gooding & Company Experience

Our resources include a team of experienced specialists, unrivaled auction venues, a talented marketing and PR team, an international clientele and an extensive network of contacts. Our auctions and private sales have resulted in record-breaking prices for a wide range of cars and price categories. In addition to our outstanding results, we strive for unrivaled client service and take seriously our reputation for quality consignments and transparency in our business practices.

How To Consign

If you are ready to sell your vehicle with Gooding & Company, please contact a specialist directly or download and complete our consignment questionnaire. Whether you wish to sell a single car or a large collection, there are a number of ways to have your property valued: •  Contact a specialist to arrange for a visit and valuation
•  Request an informal complimentary auction estimate online
•  Provide information for an extensive valuation

Sign A Seller’s Agreement

Before you sell your collector car with Gooding & Company you must sign an exclusive consignment agreement. This is a contract we have with our sellers in which we agree to sell their vehicle either through auction or via a private treaty sale. All sales with Gooding & Company are subject to the terms of our consignment agreement. The agreement contains our terms and fees for the auction and private sale process, including insurance, loss/damage liability, shipping and illustration provisions. Please note that a clear, transferable title must be provided by all sellers.

How To Consign

Once we have received a seller’s agreement, Gooding & Company’s catalogue department will contact you to arrange for photography and discuss the description. Our photographers, writers and researchers are among the best in the business and our catalogue presentations are widely considered the finest in the industry.

Make Shipping Arrangements

If you decide to bring your car to one of our auction venues, we are happy to assist you with transportation arrangements. However, you are always welcome to use your own carrier. Please contact the Gooding & Company office for further details.

After The Sale

After a successful sale, you will be notified of the final bid price for your consignment. If a buyer wasn’t found, you will be able to speak with a specialist to discuss possible post-auction sales or additional marketing efforts. Approximately 30 days after each auction, Gooding & Company settles payment for successful sellers along with a settlement statement itemizing the commission and any other charges.