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2022   |   Geared Online Scottsdale Edition

1913 White Model 30 G.A.D. Roadster


$150,000 - $170,000




GK 219

Car Highlights

An Incredibly Well-Preserved, Working Time Capsule of a Bygone Motoring Era

Abounding in Century Old Materials and Finishes; Retains Original Paint, Top, Lamps, Nickel Plating, Leather Interior, Tools, and Accessories

Accompanied by Exhaustively Researched and Detailed History File Dating to Its First Sale in 1913

A Testament to the Quality of the Cleveland-Based Company’s Automobiles

An Outstandingly Original and Historical Automobile for Museum or Preservation Class Display and Use

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Garth Hammers

Delivering its first cars in 1901, the Cleveland, Ohio-based White Company was initially a subsidiary of the White Sewing Machine Company. It quickly developed a fine reputation with the production of its technologically advanced steam-powered cars. Reading the trends of the future, the company began transitioning to gasoline-powered models in mid-1909. Production continued through 1918, with 8,927 gasoline-powered White passenger cars built.

The 30 hp, four-cylinder White Roadster presented here is an astonishingly well-preserved, survivor that has been expertly returned to operational status. Research on file shows that it was delivered to its first owner, Simon C. Beede, a respected medical practitioner, in April 1913, in David City, Nebraska. Following the doctor’s death in 1916, the White was returned to its original selling dealer, Schlentz Bros., in David City, for a service. An original 1917 invoice for spares from the White Company remains with the car and, incredibly, the original shipping tags and one of the ordered felt oil seals are still present as well.

In 1920, Bernard Schlentz assumed personal ownership of the Roadster and his original registration card, still in its leather holder, also accompanies the car.

Thirty years later, by 1953, the next known owner was avid collector Leo Bongers, also of David City, who clearly revered the White and its originality, displaying it in his private museum, and retaining ownership until 1993, when it was acquired from his estate by Frank Spain for his Tupelo Automobile Museum in Mississippi. Following decades of cherished ownership, the White Roadster was sold at auction to the consignor in 2018, who was charmed by its amazingly intact state, and immediately set about on a museum-level conservation effort. In his 2019 collector car auction report, automotive journalist Rick Carey included the following sentiment regarding the Roadster, “It’s tired through and through, but equally is an amazing survivor. Any attempt to do more than put this ancient White into running, driving, stopping condition would be sacrilegious, destroying its breathtaking originality.”

To that end, respected specialists at NP Veteran Engineering Ltd, in the UK, were retained to painstakingly inspect, align, and rebuild the car’s mechanical components to full road-going status; this included an engine rebuild and the re-manufacture of a replacement for the unique 18-volt battery.

James E. Pearce, also in the UK, was retained to repair and conserve all of the White’s original finishes, brightwork, folding top, and interior under the supervision of noted automotive conservationist Dr. Gundula Tutt. Every aspect of the car’s finishes was addressed using her approved methods. The detailed history report on file shows that Dr. Tutt inspected a small sample of the White’s exterior paint finish under a spectrometer. She determined it was the original coating applied to the car in 1913, being the proper chemical composition for the linseed oil-based primer and finish coatings used at the time.

Numerous intact factory markings were discovered during the delicate and exhaustive process, and were all supported by the production records. The running board toolbox, once a key was made to open its lock, was found to include numerous original White tools, many engraved with the initials of the Roadster’s first owner, Dr. Simon C. Beede.

With the work complete and the automobile now in road-going condition, this incredible White Roadster made its post-conservation debut at the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance®, where it was entered in the Prewar Preservation Class.

The two-volume historical compilation assembled by the consignor, cataloguing all accompanying accessories, stampings, correspondence, period photographs, a timeline of the car’s known history, and details of the preservation work is available to review. Astoundingly original as well as operational, this White Model 30 Roadster is surely one of the best-preserved automobiles of its era to be offered for public sale, and Gooding & Company is proud to invite your close inspection.