Lot 129

2013   |   Pebble Beach Auctions 2013

1934 Lincoln KB Convertible Sedan

Coachwork by Dietrich

SOLD $275,000


$325,000 - $400,000





Car Highlights

One of Only 25 Dietrich Type 281 Convertible Sedans for 1934 with Far Fewer Remaining
All-Weather Versatility Providing the Best of Open and Closed Styles
Mid-1990s Restoration by Mosier Restoration Inc. of Inglewood, California
V-12 Engine Carefully Modified for Increased Power and Durability
A Fully Sorted and Highly Drivable Classic Lincoln
Recognized Full Classic Status from the CCCA

Technical Specs

455 CID L-Head V-12 Engine
Single Downdraft Dual-Choke Carburetor
220 BHP (Original Rating 150 BHP)
3-Speed Sliding-Gear Manual Transmission
4-Wheel Mechanical Drum Brakes with Vacuum Booster
Solid Front and Live Rear Axles with Semi-Elliptical Leaf Springs
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This Car

This wonderful Lincoln KB from 1934 features what many Classic Era enthusiasts consider one of the most attractive and versatile coachbuilt bodies ever offered on the Lincoln KB chassis – the handsome Convertible Sedan by Dietrich. As one of just 744 Series 270 KB chassis produced for the 1934 model, it is even more rare as one of only 25 Dietrich body type 281 Convertible Sedans produced that year. Befitting its range-topping stature, it carried a commanding price of $5,600 when new, at a time when a nice new popular-priced family car cost hardly more than $600. Today, only a few are known to survive, with knowledgeable estimates suggesting as few as three or four examples remaining.

While Lincoln styling for 1934 differed little from the previous model year, it was subtly refined with the move to body-colored radiator shells, while the hood’s new cooling shutters replaced the prior louvered treatment. Smaller headlamps provided further refinement. The fashionably raked and split windscreen, “suicide”-style rear-hinged front doors, and folding B-pillars of this convertible sedan are emblematic features of Dietrich’s inspired designs, and this Lincoln remains immensely practical, simultaneously offering top-down touring capabilities and secure protection from the elements. In addition, the convertible sedan can be converted into a formal chauffeur-driven car, courtesy of the roll-up division window neatly recessed into the front seatback. Characteristically, the Dietrich Convertible Sedan body on the KB chassis remains famous for uncanny rigidity and structural strength with an impressive vault-like solidity.

This wonderful example was restored in approximately 1996 by Inglewood, California’s Mosier Restoration Inc. for then-owner Larry Harvey with virtually no expense spared, beginning with a sound and complete car retaining its original metal and structural wood framing throughout. Particular emphasis was paid to drivability, longevity, and reliable touring enjoyment; accordingly, the original 414 cid engine was carefully enlarged to 455 cid using new high-strength internal parts including a custom-made steel crankshaft, plus new connecting rods, pistons, and valves. Once reassembled, the V-12 was dynamometer-tested at a 220 peak-hp output, with the power curve remaining in virtual lockstep with the factory-original values, just at desirably higher and more reliable levels.

Fully sorted and running strong, the KB was driven cross-country that same year from Michigan to California by Mr. Mosier and Mr. Harvey following a show, with the car remaining quite memorable for its flawless performance. In 2006, the mighty KB passed to Jerry Greenfield of Washington state and then on to the current owner, also from Washington, under whom the car was partially disassembled to change the two-tone color and was refinished with a factory-correct, single-color treatment in blue that is nicely complemented by blue leather upholstery and carpeting. In fact, as offered, the KB is virtually identical in outward appearance to the 1934 Lincoln featured in a magazine advertisement painting of that year, a copy of which accompanies the sale of the car. A correct original Beals and Selkirk trunk and dual side-mounted spares lend further distinction. Powerful, highly drivable, and well proven, this 1934 Lincoln KB Convertible Sedan by Dietrich is a fitting example of the Lincoln mystique, and it will certainly please its next owner with a truly unforgettable overall experience.