Lot 41

2013   |   Pebble Beach Auctions 2013

1934 Packard Twelve 1107 Convertible Victoria

SOLD $539,000


$450,000 - $650,000





Car Highlights

The First 1107 Convertible Victoria Built for 1934
Well-Documented Chain of Ownership
Exquisite Dark Green Color Scheme
Sensational Three-Year Restoration
Scored 100 Points in CCCA Judging on Every Occasion
CCCA Senior Premier Award Winner (No. 2560SP)
First in Class at the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Meadow Brook, Amelia Island, and Elegance at Hershey Award Winner

Technical Specs

445.5 CID L-Head 67˚ V-12 Engine
Single Stromberg EE-3 Downdraft Carburetor
160 BHP at 3,200 RPM
3-Speed Synchromesh Manual Gearbox
4-Wheel Vacuum-Assisted Mechanical Drum Brakes
Front Beam-Axle Suspension with Semi-Elliptical Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers
Rear Live-Axle Suspension with Semi-Elliptical Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers

Saleroom Addendum

*Please note that the VIN on the title reads, “30178074711,” as a combination of the engine number and Packard Vehicle Number.

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Formerly the Property of Thomas A. Moretti

This Car

With its refined engineering, fully enveloping fenders, and unique features that were limited to only one year of production, the 1934 Twelve is regarded by many as the pinnacle of Packard automobile production.

In particular, the Dietrich-designed Convertible Victoria is seen as a highlight of Eleventh Series and one of the great achievements of the Classic Era. In the words of noted Packard authority Ed Blend, “all 1934 Victorias, on any manufacturer’s chassis, represented a design high point, with a steady decline in beauty thereafter.”

On August 3, 1934, this magnificent Model 1107 Convertible Victoria was sold through the Santa Barbara Packard agency Hitchcock Motor Company. As each 1934 coachwork style began with body no. 11, this Packard, identified by its Packard Vehicle Number 747-11, is the very first Convertible Victoria produced for the Eleventh Series.

Shortly after arriving on the West Coast, the luxurious open Packard was originally sold to a gentleman living in Tiburon, California. The Convertible Victoria is said to have remained in the care of its original owner until his passing, at which time it was sold to the family’s lawyer.

In 1954, classic car enthusiast George Boon learned that the rare Packard was for sale in California. Once a deal was agreed upon, Mr. Boon drove the Victoria from San Francisco all the way to his home in La Grange, Illinois, where it joined a growing collection of American classics.

Over the next four decades, Mr. Boon’s Convertible Victoria became something of a legend in Packard circles and was listed as being in his ownership when the first edition of Ed Blend’s definitive The Magnificent Packard Twelve of Nineteen Thirty Four was published in 1977.

Although the Packard attracted a great deal of interest through the years, it was never offered for sale. Among the many enthusiasts angling for an opportunity to purchase the Boon Victoria was Thomas Moretti.

Having always yearned for a 1934 Convertible Victoria, he was particularly taken by the very original three-owner car and frequently inquired about it. For years he remained hopeful despite Mr. Boon’s typical reply: “Tom, the car’s not for sale.”

Finally in 1997, Mr. Boon decided to part with the Victoria and Mr. Moretti jumped at the chance to acquire it.

After three years of detailed research and preparation, Mr. Moretti began the process of returning the Conver tible Victoria to its original splendor. By performing the vast majority of the work himself, he was able to ensure that every aspect of the Packard, visible or not, was restored to functional excellence and cosmetic perfection.

Once carefully prepared, the original coachwork was refinished in its current stunning, factory-correct dark green and pinstripe of a lighter shade. To match the beautiful exterior finish, the Haartz top material was carefully selected for its subtle greenish cast.

The interior was meticulously restored using detailed factory photographs to ensure that the patterns, material and fit were executed to the highest possible standard. The rich, dark green leather upholstery is a wonderful complement to the exquisite wood-grain trim and splendid Art Deco details found throughout the cabin.

Following the complete three-year restoration, the Convertible Victoria garnered a remarkable collection of prestigious concours awards that speak to its outstanding presentation, authentic restoration work, and timeless beauty.

In 2003, the Convertible Victoria made its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. After successfully participating in the Tour d’Elegance, the Twelve was displayed in Class C-2, Packard 1925–1940 Open.

After being judged by the most knowledgeable authorities of the marque, the Packard received First in Class, defeating a number of exceptional cars prepared by some of the country’s most respected professional restoration firms.

This tremendous achievement was followed by many more impressive honors. In 2004, the Convertible Victoria was displayed at the Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance and earned First in Class in a competitive field of open American classics. The following year, the Packard again received Best in Class honors, on that occasion at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.

Not only has this Packard excelled at the most prestigious national concours venues, it has also earned CCCA Senior Premier status. According to the club’s records, this Convertible Victoria received first place in the Primary, Senior, and Premier divisions all between 2003 and 2005 and never once scored less than a perfect 100 points!

The current caretaker, a Pennsylvania collector with a passion for fine automobiles, has continued to serve as an appreciative and sympathetic steward for the Packard. In 2012, the Convertible Victoria was displayed at The Elegance at Hershey, where it was awarded the trophy for the Most Elegant Pre-War Open American Car. As recently as May 2013, the Packard was entrusted to Richie Fass of Stone Barn Inc. in Vienna, New Jersey, for a comprehensive brake and fuel-system service.

Of the less than 10 surviving Model 1107 Convertible Victorias, few, if any, have ever been restored to the impeccable standards of this exquisite classic Packard. A credit to its thoughtful presentation and exceptional quality, this Dietrich-designed Convertible Victoria exudes grace and sophistication. The rich history of this beautiful Twelve, together with a significant connection to one of the most respected Packard enthusiasts, contributes further to its immense desirability.

In light of its outstanding provenance, exceptional concours record, and splendid appearance, this rare Packard Twelve should appeal to the discriminating collector who demands only the very best.