Lot 171

2019   |   Pebble Beach 2019

1953 Allard J2X Le Mans


$450,000 - $600,000



Car Highlights

Extraordinarily Rare J2X Le Mans, One of as Many as 13 Built
Offered from Single Family Ownership of More than 60 Years
Extensive Period Racing History, Including the Pebble Beach Road Races
Restored in the 1970s by Racing Dynamics West and Raced at the Monterey Historics
An Important Car Eligible for Exclusive Vintage Racing Events and Tours Worldwide

Technical Specs

331 CID Chrysler OHV Hemi V-8 Engine
Twin 2-Barrel Carburetors
Estimated 350 BHP
3-Speed Manual Gearbox
4-Wheel Alfin Finned Aluminum Drum Brakes
Front Independent Split-Beam Suspension with Coil Springs
Rear De Dion Suspension with Coil Springs

Saleroom Addendum

Please note that this vehicle was also displayed at the 1977 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance®. Photographs of that event are included in the history file and available for review in The Archives or by contacting a Specialist.

Register to Bid

Capt. Leslie, Offutt Air Force Base, Sarpy County, Nebraska (acquired new in 1953)Bob Peterson, Piedmont, California (acquired from the above in 1953)John Tilton and Family (acquired from the above in 1958)

Moffett Field Road Races, 1953, C. Block, No. 423rd Annual Madera Road Race, 1953, C. Block, No. 40SCCA National Pebble Beach, 1954, C. Block, No. 74Guardsmen Campership Road Races, Golden Gate Park, 1954, C. Block, No. 71 (8th Overall)SCCA National Bakersfield, 1955, C. Block, No. 73SCCA Regional Stockton, 1955, C. Block, No. 74SCCA National Pebble Beach, 1955, C. Block, No. 71 (7th Overall)Santa Rosa Sports Car Race, 1955, C. Block, No. 71 (13th Overall)Buchanan Field Sports Car Road Races, 1955, Jordan, No. 71

Monterey Historic Automobile Races, 1977Monterey Historic Automobile Races, 1978

Englishman Sydney Allard made his name racing specials of his own design. To fund his racing, he started Allard Motor Company in 1945 and began building cars for public sale. Years before Carroll Shelby’s Cobra, Allard installed large displacement American V-8 engines into a bare-bones chassis to create potent performance cars. He soon put the world’s great marques on notice by finishing 3rd Overall at the 1950 24 Hours of Le Mans with his Cadillac-powered Allard J2.

In 1952, the international motor sports governing body outlawed mudguards and cycle-type fenders, which were used on the Allard J2 and J2X. That decision meant that all cars would be required to have fully enclosed wheels. To return to Le Mans, Allard created a new full aluminum-bodied J2X, which he dubbed the J2X Le Mans. According to the Allard Owners Club, only 10 or 11 of these brutal racers were ever built.

This Allard J2X Le Mans, chassis 3066, is believed by the consignor to be the first exported to the US, and was first owned by an Air Force captain stationed in Nebraska. Delivered in blue with a red interior, the Allard was equipped with a Chrysler 331 Hemi engine, Alfin drum brakes, 40-gallon petrol tank, oil cooler, full windscreen, wipers, and a soft top with side curtains.

Around 1953, Bob Peterson of Piedmont, California, purchased the Allard and with drivers Carl and Fred Block, campaigned it extensively in SCCA races across their home state, competing at fabled venues and against the premier sports car racers of the day, including Phil Hill, Johnny von Neumann, and Pete Lovely. At the 1954 race at Golden Gate Park, Carl Block hit a row of hay bales, damaging the Allard’s front bodywork. It has been suggested that renowned car customizer Jack Hagemann, whose shop was near Carl Block’s car dealership, likely sculpted the restyled aluminum front end it wears today, and painted the car red.

In 1958, Bob Peterson sold the car to John Tilton for $2,500, and it has since remained in the Tilton family’s care for more than 60 years. In the mid-1970s, the Tilton children retrieved the J2X Le Mans from long-term storage and persuaded their father to restore it, an operation completed by Vic Russum of Racing Dynamics West in Los Angeles, with paint and bodywork by the acclaimed Eddie Paul.

After its restoration, the car appeared at the 1977 and 1978 Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca and was invited to the 1977 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance®. The Allard J2X Le Mans was recently recommissioned by the Tilton family and stands ready to continue its proud legacy as a formidable competitor from the golden age of sports car racing.