Lot 10

2013   |   Scottsdale Auctions 2014

1955 MG TF 1500

SOLD $34,100


$35,000 - $45,000| Without Reserve


HDA 46/8363


XPEG 2223

Car Highlights

Last of the “T” Line Model
Original Factory Color Combination
Unrestored, Honest Example
Desireable 1500 Model

Technical Specs

1,466 CC OHV
4-Cylinder Engine
Twin SU Carburetors 65 BHP at 5,500 RPM
4-Speed 3 Syncromesh Manual Gearbox
4-Wheel Drum Brakes
Independent Coil-Spring Front Suspension
Live-Axle Semi-Elliptical Rear Suspension
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The MG TF 1500

The MG TF Midget was launched in 1953 as an upgrade to the British Motors Corporation’s TD line. Less than a year later the MG TF 1500 debuted with the engine capacity augmented to 1,466 cc, an increased bore to 2.8" over the Midget with torque raised by 17%, offering 65 hp. The enhanced motor, which became available in November 1954, was dubbed the “XPEG” and this was denoted on the firewall with a small brass plate as well as riveted on the side of the block. With the newly upgraded motor, the TF 1500 had a top speed of 85 mph and cost $1,995.

The MG TF 1500 remained in production for one year, ceasing in May 1955 when it was superseded by the MGA after just 3,400 had been built. The TF 1500 became synonymous with fun and fast open-car touring, and its handling and style made it a highly desirable automobile. These rare British sports cars were initially produced as a stopgap between the TD and MGA series and, as such, the British public was not made aware of the release of the TF 1500 as no advertisements announced its launch. However today, as the last of its line, the TF 1500 is widely considered the most mechanically advanced of the T models.

This Car

This MG TF is believed to have been purchased brand new by a Pennsylvania sports car enthusiast as a gift to his college-aged daughter. The car was then stored for some 20 years before being acquired by Douglas Dick of the Dick Corporation, a large construction company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Under his care, the car underwent mechanical and cosmetic work to rebuild the clutch and refurbish the interior in factory-correct red leather.

Today this lovely TF presents with a patina of gentle use that stands testimony to the love and care bestowed upon it over the past six decades.

The current owner purchased the car from Dick’s collection in 2011 and cherished the TF with careful maintenance, employing it for the occasional Sunday run to the country club or golf course. It is believed that the approximately 14,000 miles on the odometer at the time of cataloguing is the original mileage; and according to the owner, the car is ultimately drivable with all the features, such as blinkers, wipers, etc., working perfectly.

The MG is offered with a tonneau cover, canvas top, and side curtains; and there is a file of documentation of the history of the car with a selection of receipts for the work performed.

This lovely TF 1500 in its black paint and red leather is an honest and exciting representation of MG’s legendary sports car line of the mid-1950s. A highly collectible example of the last of T line, it will provide its new owner with a unique example from this beloved British marque.