Lot 141

2020   |   Scottsdale 2020

1960 Volkswagen Type 2 'Donut Bus'

SOLD $123,200


$90,000 - $120,000| Without Reserve





Car Highlights

A Period Commercial Application of Volkswagen’s Venerable Microbus
Fitted with Food-Service Equipment for Mobile Donut Production
Astonishingly Original and Intact – Stored for Almost 45 Years
Shows Less than 10,600 Miles
Retains Original Engine per Original Factory Service Book

Technical Specs

1,192 CC Air-Cooled Flat 4-Cylinder Engine
Single Solex Downdraft Carburetor
36 BHP at 3,600 RPM
4-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Drum Brakes
Front Trailing-Arm Suspension with Torsion Bars
Rear Swing-Axle Suspension with Torsion Bars
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This remarkable Volkswagen has a fascinating story, both of how it came to be and how it survived almost exactly as it was built, reportedly retaining nearly all original finishes. According to one account, this swivel-seat, walk-through Kombi was retailed through R.B. Kuhn Volkswagen in Fairborn, Ohio – to which the original service booklet and dealer sticker on the engine door attest – then outfitted with specialized equipment to make fresh, hot donuts onboard.

Jay Tyree had the idea to sell donuts to General Motors workers on break at the Dayton-area factories in the 1960s, under the apt name “Rolling Donuts.” Early in the venture, Mr. Tyree discovered that an employee was skimming the enterprise’s profits and he soon shuttered the business, placing this bus in clean, heated storage. All but forgotten, in 2008, the bus emerged after almost 45 years, in astoundingly original condition. The boomerang-pattern ceiling and countertops in the kitchen area, as well as the flooring and much of the donut equipment remain intact, and the tilt-out donut sales tray is as it was first built.

Volkswagen aficionados will marvel at the Type 2’s original engine, door seals, and speedometer, which showed less than 10,600 miles at the time of cataloguing. Indeed, nearly every finish on the “Donut Bus,” including the lettering, reads like the first day of business. There’s no sugar coating it, don’t glaze over this sweet opportunity!