Lot 131

2019   |   Pebble Beach 2019

1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Series I Coupe Aerodinamico

Coachwork by Pininfarina


$2,800,000 - $3,400,000


3361 SA



Car Highlights

The Ultimate Coachbuilt Ferrari of the Early 1960s
One of Only 14 Series I Short-Wheelbase Aerodinamico Coupes
Displayed on the Pininfarina Stand at the 1962 Geneva Motor Show
Vintage Preservation Cup Winner at the 2019 Cavallino Classic
Matching-Numbers Example; Ferrari Classiche Red Book Certified
Accompanied by Books, Tools, Italian Libretto, and Massini Report

Technical Specs

3,967 CC Type 163 SOHC 60º V-12 Engine
Three Weber 40 DCZ 6 Carburetors
320 BHP at 6,600 RPM
4-Speed Manual Gearbox with Electric Overdrive
4-Wheel Vacuum-Assisted Dunlop Disc Brakes
Front Independent Suspension with Wishbones and Coil Springs
Rear Live Axle with Radius Arms and Semi-Elliptical Leaf Springs
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Giuseppe Brainovich, Milan, Italy (acquired new from Sefac S.p.A. in 1962)Giancarlo Meren-Boy, Brescia, Italy (acquired from the above in February 1966)Dino Ferrari, Brescia, Italy (acquired from the above in October 1966)Giuseppe Albrigo, Padova, Italy (acquired from the above in November 1966)Ernesta Comendulli, Italy (acquired in 1969)Salvatore Borrelli, Naples, Italy (acquired from the above in 1977)MED Leasing S.p.A., Milan, Italy (acquired from the above in 1986)Fimesa S.p.A., Milan, Italy (acquired in 1994)Ciro Nappi, Brescia, Italy (acquired from the above circa 1995)Massimo Sordi, Milan, Italy (acquired from the above by 1997)Current Owner (acquired from the above)

Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland, 1962Ferrari Days, Modena, Italy, 198380 Anni di Sport ACI con la Ferrari, Italy, 1985Autostory, Genoa, Italy, 199350 Anni Ferrari Concours d’Elegance, Italy, 199760 Anni Ferrari Concours d’Elegance, Italy, 2007Kuwait Concours d’Elegance, 2011 (Second in Class D)Concorso d’Eleganza Auto e Barche Frédérique Constant e al Trofeo Designdell’Eccellenza, Villa Erba, Italy, 2013Concours d’Elegance Pininfarina ad Alassio, Italy, 2016FCA Cavallino Classic XXVII, Palm Beach, Florida, 2018FCA Cavallino Classic XXVIII, Palm Beach, Florida, 2019 (Vintage Preservation Cup)

Unveiled in cabriolet form at the January 1960 Brussels motor show, the 400 Superamerica followed the 410 Superamerica as Ferrari’s top-level road model, yet any similarity to its predecessor was in name only. Clothed in bespoke custom coachwork by Pininfarina and delivering greater prestige than that afforded by the various 250 GT models of the era, the 400 Superamerica was built and sold under exclusive conditions, with each example reflecting their individual owners’ specific desires and personal specifications, sharing very little similarity among them.

Designed from the outset to provide a sportier and more satisfying driving experience than that of its predecessor, the 400 Superamerica was based upon a shorter chassis, heavily based on the 250, with welcome updates including four-wheel disc brakes, a fully synchronized four-speed gearbox with overdrive, and telescopic shock absorbers. While the earlier 410 SA used the Lampredi “long-block” engine, production of which had ceased in 1959, the new 400 SA was powered by an enlarged development of the Colombo V-12 engine, displacing 4.0 liters and fitted with three Weber twin-choke carburetors. In addition to producing similar power output as the outgoing 410 Superamerica, the Type 163 V-12 delivered better low-end torque and easier maintenance. Differing from regular Ferrari practice, the new Superamerica’s “400” designation stood not for each cylinder’s swept volume, but instead indicated roughly 1/10th of the 400 Superamerica’s 4.0-liter capacity and its factory-claimed 400 hp rating. Even when more accurately quoted at 320 hp, the 400 Superamerica was the fastest road car of its day capable of nearly 160 mph flat out.

As the most exotic high-performance automobile of the era and sold new at twice the price of a contemporary Rolls-Royce, few Superamericas were built. Production ran from 1959 to early 1964, with published sources listing 46 examples in total, with all but two fitted with Pininfarina coachwork, and the remaining two bodied by Scaglietti. Production of the 400 Superamerica is divided into two basic groups, with the first 25 cars retrospectively known as “Series I,” based on a 2,420 mm wheelbase length. Of the Series I cars, the majority was fitted with sleek Coupe Aerodinamico coachwork designed by Pininfarina, including the example offered here, numbered 3361 SA.

As documented by marque historian Marcel Massini, this 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica, chassis 3361 SA, is one of just 14 short-wheelbase aerodinamico coupes built. On December 18, 1961, the chassis entered the Pininfarina coachworks, where it received its sleek bodywork, elegantly finished in Blu Notte with natural leather. Completed on March 10, 1962, 3361 SA was sent to Switzerland, where it graced the Pininfarina stand at the 1962 Geneva motor show alongside the famous design exercise “Superfast III” (chassis 2007 SA) and 400 Superamerica Cabriolet (chassis 3309 SA).

Immediately following the Geneva show on March 26, 1962, a factory certificate of origin for 3361 SA was issued. On May 7, 1962, the Superamerica was registered with Italian license plates for Milan (no. MI 647142) and on May 9 of that year, it was sold new directly by Sefac S.p.A. – as Ferrari was formally named after its reorganization as a public corporation in 1960 – to first owner Giuseppe Brainovich, an automobile collector and loyal Ferrari client. According to factory work orders cited by Massini, 3361 SA was serviced and maintained for Sig. Brainovich four times through August 3, 1965, at Ferrari’s Assistenza Clienti facilities, and he retained it until February 1966, when he sold the vehicle via Milan’s Cornacchia Automobili S.n.c. to second owner Giancarlo Meren-Boy of Brescia.

In October 1966, Sig. Meren-Boy sold the Superamerica to Dino Ferrari (unrelated to Enzo Ferrari), on whose behalf 3361 SA sold the next month at auction to Giuseppe Albrigo of Padova, Italy. In July 1969, Sig. Albrigo sold 3361 SA to 25-year-old Ernesta Comendulli, who kept the bespoke Ferrari until January 1977, when she sold it to sixth owner Salvatore Borrelli of Naples, Italy, who kept the Superamerica until July 1986, when he sold it to MED Leasing S.p.A. of Milan.

Subsequently, 3361 SA passed through Ciro Nappi of Brescia and then to Milanese collector Massimo Sordi, with the vehicle still finished in its original Blu Notte and retaining its beautifully preserved natural leather upholstery. Sig. Sordi retained 3361 SA for over two decades, and he exhibited it at the 50th and 60th anniversary of Ferrari events held in Maranello during May 1997 and 2007, respectively. In 2004, the highly original Superamerica was inspected by Ferrari Classiche and received a factory certificate of authenticity on May 11, 2004.

In February 2011, Sig. Sordi displayed 3361 SA at the Kuwait Concours d’Elegance, a high-profile event where it received Second in Class D (Modern Classic 1961–1975). Later, Sig. Sordi exhibited the Superamerica at both the September 2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Auto e Barche Frédérique Constant e al Trofeo Design dell’Eccellenza at Villa Erba, as well as the June 2016 Concours d’Elegance Pininfarina ad Alassio held at Torino. Under the current ownership, 3361 SA was displayed at the 2018 Cavallino Classic at Palm Beach, Florida.

Later in 2018, while focusing on carefully preserving this extremely rare Ferrari’s originality, Al Roberts of Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was entrusted to complete an extensive program of service and detailing on 3361 SA, with invoices on file totaling nearly $70,000. All this effort and expense was rewarded in January 2019, when the Superamerica was awarded the coveted Vintage Preservation Cup for Outstanding Preserved Condition Pre-1975 at the Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach.

In addition to being a triumph of design, this 400 Superamerica is also eminently capable of being driven – as originally intended, consistent with the other Ferrari thoroughbreds in the consignor’s stable. As offered, 3361 SA is accompanied by a wealth of documents in addition to the Massini report. Among them are the Superamerica’s corresponding ASI homologation paperwork, the Original Italian Registration Libretto (Carta Di Circolazione per Autovettura) with entries to 2009, and the Ferrari Classiche Red Book.

Combining all required elements for an outstanding classic Ferrari – extreme rarity, careful preservation, excellent provenance, matching-numbers mechanicals, Ferrari Classiche certification, and excellent “no expense spared” maintenance under the current owner – 3361 SA is a coachbuilt masterpiece that is fit for the finest of sports car collections – bar none.