Lot 129

2016   |   Scottsdale Auctions 2016

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

Coachwork by Bertone

SOLD $440,000


$475,000 - $550,000



Car Highlights

An Important and Well-Documented Example of the Legendary GTA
Delivered New to Berlin Alfa Romeo Dealer and Racer Herbert Schultze
Successfully Campaigned in German Touring Car Events from 1965 to 1971
Recent Restoration Overseen by Marque Specialist Santo’s Italian Car Service
Presented in Original Racing Livery and Offered with Important Documentation

Technical Specs

1,551 CC DOHC Inline 4-Cylinder Engine
Twin Weber 45 DCOE Carburetors
Estimated 170 BHP at 7,800 RPM
5-Speed Manual Gearbox
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Independent Wishbone Front Suspension with Coil Springs
Live Rear Axle with Trailing Arms and Coil Springs
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Formerly the Property of Herbert SchultzeHerbert Schultze Automobil, Berlin, Germany (acquired new in 1965)Ulrich Schleifer, Berlin, Germany (acquired from the above in September 1967)Herbert Schultze Automobil, Berlin, Germany (acquired from the above in April 1969)Wolfgang Thiele, Berlin, Germany (acquired from the above in 1971)Peter Herke, San Francisco, California (acquired from the above circa 1977)Michael Kinney, Huntington Beach, California (acquired from the above circa 1996)Current Owner (acquired from the above)

ADAC Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf, October 1965, Schultze, No. 94 (1st Overall)Flugplatzrennen Innsbruck, October 1965, Schultze, No. 14 (2nd Overall)Trierer EMSC Flugplatzrennen, May 1966, Schultze, No. 158 (1st Overall)ADAC Hansapokal-Rennen Nürburgring, May 1966, Schultze, No. 407 (1st Overall)HSTC 100 Meilen von Hockenheim, May 1966, Schultze, No. 167 (1st Overall)HMSC Flugplatzrennen Mainz-Finthen, June 1966, Schultze, No. 150 (1st Overall)DMV-Avus-Rennen Berlin, June 1966, Schultze, No. 100 (1st Overall)AvD/WAC GP Hockenheim, July 1966, Schultze, No. 221 (1st Overall)AvD Nürburgring Trophäe, August 1966, Schultze, No. 25 (2nd Overall)ADAC Rennen Nürnberg Norisring, September 1966, Schultze, No. 60 (1st Overall)ADAC Eifelpokal-Rennen Nürburgring, September 1966, Schultze, No. 31 (1st Overall)ADAC Flugplatzrennen Itzehoe, October 1966, Schultze, No. 53 (1st in Class)Flugplatzrennen Laupheria, September 1967, SchlieferHansa Celli, November 1967, ThieleADAC Tourenwagen Nürburgring, April 1968, ThieleAvD Flugplatzrennen Fassberg, May 1968, Thiele2 Stunden Zolder, June 1968, ThieleDMV Avus Rennen Berlin, June 1968, ThieleHansapokal-Rennen, July 1968, ThieleG.V. Budir, September 1968, ThieleADAC Flugplatzrennen Hohn, October 1968, ThieleADAC Eifelrennen Nürburgring, April 1969, Schultze, No. 24 (1st in Class)AvD Flugplatzrennen Fassberg Celle, May 1969, Schultze, No. 255 (1st in Class)ADAC Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf, October 1969, HeineADAC Flugplatzrennen Hohn, October 1969, Schultze, No. 701 (3rd Overall)DARM Faßberg, May 1971, Thiele (DNF)VCB Autoslalom, June 1971, ThieleAvusrennen Berlin – 50 Jahre AVUS, June 1971, Thiele (DNF)VCB Autoslalom, September 1971, Thiele

VMR, CSRG, VARA, HMSA, and SPIR Vintage Races (1986-2001)The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley, California, August 2015Going to the Sun Rally, Montana, September 2015

The 1960s saw a second golden age in the competition history of Alfa Romeo. Models such as the SZ, TZ, and TZ2, along with the Tipo 33 sports racing prototypes, made Alfa Romeo a potent force on the world’s circuits. The exciting production racing classes were not ignored either, with the 105-series Giulia Sprint GT providing the base for a highly tuned racing version – the GTA. The “A” stood for alleggerita or “lightened.”

The GTAs that were destined for racing were carefully prepared under Autodelta, Alfa Romeo’s in-house competition department, run by engineer Carlo Chiti. The GTA was successful in Europe and the US, winning numerous championships and class victories. Developed over nearly a decade, a variety of GTA variants were produced, though today, it is the original GTA 1600 that is most sought after by collectors, a credit to the model’s aesthetic purity and dual-purpose character.

The GTA presented here, chassis 613115, is among the finest examples of Alfa Romeo’s alleggerita, boasting a rich competition history, impressive documentation, and a recent professional restoration.

The history of this car can be traced to August 1965, when the white GTA was sold to Berlin Alfa Romeo dealer and racer Herbert Schultze through the distributor in Frankfurt. According to Tony Adriaensen’s authoritative book Alleggerita, and confirmed by copies of original sales records, 613115 was sold as a used car, having been retained and prepared by Autodelta.

Among the first GTAs to race in Europe, 613115 was campaigned by Herbert Schultze Automobil throughout 1965 and 1966, primarily in events associated with the popular German Touring Car Championship. In its first outing, at Wunstorf in October 1965, 613115, identified by a red central stripe and Berlin registration “B-HS 3,” was driven by Schultze to a 1st place finish. Herbert Schultze’s continued racing efforts in 1966 were hugely successful and, at the end of the season, 613115 had captured eight outright wins, resulting in a tie for 1st place in the German Touring Car Championship.

Early in 1967, Schultze began racing another GTA, 613028, distinguished by a dark blue central stripe. That September, 613115 was sold to Ulrich Schleifer and raced through the 1968 season, during which time Wolfgang Thiele was the primary driver. As noted in the original ONS wagenpass, Herbert Schultze Automobil re-acquired 613115 in April 1969, and the GTA continued to race in German club events through fall 1971.

After its racing career, 613115 was sold to Peter Herke, a Berlin native who, in 1972, opened Europa Motors in San Francisco. A semi-professional racing driver, Mr. Herke prepared the GTA for historic racing and campaigned it in West Coast events throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The most memorable vintage race outing for 613115 took place at Sonoma Raceway in October 1987, where Herke and Wolfgang Thiele, reunited with his former GTA, won both sprint events and finished 4th overall in the group enduro.

The current owner, a Los Angeles-area Alfa Romeo enthusiast, acquired 613115 from long-term owner Michael Kinney following a lengthy search for a significant GTA with period racing history. In an effort to return the car to its original appearance and prepare it for road use, 613115 was entrusted to Santo’s Italian Car Service in Northridge, California, for a comprehensive mechanical restoration, while another local specialist addressed the bodywork, paint, and upholstery.

Faithfully presented in its original and highly attractive racing livery, the GTA made its post-restoration debut at the Quail Motorsports Gathering in August 2015 and, more recently, completed the 1,000-mile Going to the Sun Rally. As would be expected of a top-tier GTA, 613115 features the correct riveted alloy panels and floor, stamped homologation number, data tags, and rare competition equipment, including a proper twin-plug head, cold air box, and sliding block rear end.

Not only is this GTA beautifully presented and tour proven, it is a well-known and highly regarded example. Accompanying the sale are a file of important documentation that includes the original ONS wagenpass (1967-1971), a second vintage racing logbook (1986-2001), archival photos, restoration records, an edition of Michael Heine’s book Alleggerita, news clippings, and copies of the original delivery records, race set-up sheets, and FIA Schede di Omologazione.

A superb example of Alfa Romeo’s legendary 1960s homologation special, this historic GTA is worthy of serious consideration.