Lot 63

2013   |   Pebble Beach Auctions 2013

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

Coachwork by Designed by Pininfarina, Coachwork by Scaglietti

SOLD $1,540,000


$1,300,000 - $1,600,000





Car Highlights

One of Approximately 250 Short-Nose Examples Built
Correct, Matching-Numbers Example
One of the Most Revered Ferrari Road Cars of All Time
Incredible Performance with Timeless Pininfarina Styling
Documented by Noted Ferrari Historian Marcel Massini
Offered with Tool Roll and Copies of Build Records
Early-Series Example Offering Renowned Driving Dynamics

Technical Specs

3,286 CC SOHC V-12 Engine
Three Weber 40 DCZ/6 Twin-Choke Carburetors
280 BHP at 7,600 RPM
5-Speed Manual Gearbox in Rear Transaxle
4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
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The Ferrari 275

As the successor to the long-running 250 GT, the 275 GTB debuted at the Paris Auto Salon in October 1964 alongside the open 275 GTS. Designated Tipo 213, the V-12 engine was enlarged to 3,286 cc, with each cylinder displacing roughly 275 cc. Above all, the 275 series marked an important evolution for Ferrari as its first road car equipped with a fully independent suspension and a rear-mounted transaxle providing ideal weight distribution and superior handling. Designed by Pininfarina and bodied by Scaglietti, the seductive 275 GTB echoed the aggressively purposeful appearance of both the 250 GT Tour de France and 250 GTO. Today, it remains among the most desirable Ferrari models.

About 250 examples of the firstgeneration, short-nose 275 GTB were built, with these cars highly appreciated among marque connoisseurs for their first-series cachet and wonderful purity of line. Perhaps Jess Pourret described the early 275 GTB experience best in his definitive 1984 book on the series, in which he stated: “This first series...was closer in its behavior and its reactions to a racing car. In driving it feels more immediate, stiffer, harder, noisier, less comfortable and more demanding of its driver’s attention.” In shor t, for true driving enthusiasts, these early cars deliver a pure and exhilarating race-bred driving experience.

This Car

On May 17, 1965, 07523 was sent to Carrozzeria Scaglietti to receive its bodywork and the engine was assembled and dynamometer-tested on July 27th. The car was completed on August 19th, and its certificate of origin issued on September 3, 1965.

Originally finished in Azzurro (azure blue), 07523 was delivered to official Milanese Ferrari dealer M. Gastone Crepaldi on September 12, 1965, where it was sold four days later to its first owner Ezio Francesco Morosini of Verolanuova, Italy. Under Mr. Morosini, the 275 GTB was serviced at the Ferrari Factory’s Assistenza Clienti department at Modena. He obviously enjoyed the Ferrari’s many delights, with the car having accumulated just under 20,000 km by June 3, 1966, when 07523 was sold by Mr. Morosini via a representative to Paride Giuseppe Ghidini of Lumezzane. Mr. Ghidini retained the car unti l February 23, 1967, when he sold the Berlinetta to third owner Francesco Linetti of Cremona.

Several years later, the 275 GTB was exported to the US, where it has remained ever since. From 1972 through 1975, 07523 was listed in the membership directories of the Ferrari Owners’ Club USA as being under the ownership of James A. Stone of Los Angeles, and, in November 1975, he advertised the car for sale in the Los Angeles Times. From 1976, fellow Californian Dale G. O’Harra of Hermosa Beach owned the car until 2006, when it was purchased by Stephen Bell of Colorado who describes the car as having been a very solid and original example. By November 2006, the 275 had been sold to noted collector Tom Price of Larkspur, California, who traded it on January 16, 2007, to the current owner, a highly respected Midwest collector. Soon after his acquisition, the consignor had 07523 refinished in metallic blue, as it was originally, by John Reimer Jr. of Caledonia Automotive Service, and re-trimmed by Glenn Block with dark red upholstery. Once completed, the stunning Ferrari was displayed at the 5th Annual Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance on August 23, 2009, and has not been shown since. The consignor states that on a recent outing, the car performed exceptionally well, displaying smooth power and very predictable road manners.

Today, 07523 presents as a truly outstanding example in its striking color combination and overall presentation. Ferrari historian Marcel Massini has compiled its history, and copies of 07523’s original Ferrari build documents, which are no longer made available by the factory, are included. A tool roll and a Ferrari Factory Her itage Cer ti ficate numbered 0000262 also accompany the sale of 07523.

As one of the first examples of the 275 GTB produced, 07523 bears the attractive early front-end design with wider grille opening and abbreviated bumperettes, and offers a driving experience more akin to Ferrari’s earlier “dual purpose” GT cars. At once, it marks the end of an era and a new beginning at Ferrari. Its next owner is certain to be delighted by both its rarity and opportunities for show and tour.