Lot 64

2014   |   Pebble Beach Auctions 2014

1965 Porsche 911

SOLD $407,000


$450,000 - $550,000



Car Highlights

One of 254 Early Pre-Production Examples
Restoration Completed in 2013
Rare Original Color Scheme
A Notably Pure Example of the Early 911

Technical Specs

1,991 CC SOHC Flat 6-Cylinder Engine
Six Solex 40 PI Carburetors
125 BHP at 5,800 RPM
5-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Front and Rear Independent Suspension with Transverse Torsion Bars and Telescopic Shock Absorbers
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Willy Tiedtke, Hamburg, GermanyWerner Grundler, Hamburg, GermanyC.E. Freiteig, Hamburg, GermanyCurrent Owner

Few automobiles in history compare to Porsche’s legendary 911, one of the longest running and most distinctive sports cars ever made. Given the breadth of 911 production, the earliest examples have become exceedingly rare and highly prized among collectors. The rarest early cars, of course, are the 82 901-badged examples that were produced before legal action by Peugeot prohibited Porsche from continuing to use a “0” in the center of any three-digit model name.

When Porsche changed their nomenclature to 911 in late 1964, 230 cars had been built (not including prototypes), about 43 of which still survive. These cars are often regarded as the gold standard of early Porsche build characteristics, displaying 64 different unique features that would eventually be phased out and replaced with redesigned components. Cars built in 1965 began with chassis no. 300233, and the first 22 cars built in 1965 still shared all 64 of the pre-production design features found in the 1964 cars. These features included a wire-pull release for the fuel-filler door, a fat rear latch panel, seats with six pleats in the upholstery, and a lack of 911 script badges on the dashboard and rear deck lid. Starting with chassis no. 300255, these features gradually began to change, lending a particular cachet to the first 22 cars of 1965. It should be noted that such early 1965 examples have far more in common with the rare 1964 pre-production cars than the production examples that followed.

According to Porsche factory records, chassis no. 300250 was completed on January 7, 1965, and is therefore the fifth from last example to feature all 64 of the rare early pre-production build features. Delivered new in Germany, this 911 eventually relocated to the Canary Islands, just off the coast of West Africa. In 2012, the car was treated to a complete restoration in Spain that was overseen by the consignor, a 911 expert who has restored numerous early examples.

Documented with a Kardex, this 911 was desirably equipped at the factory with Pepita inserts in the front seats, a Blaupunkt radio with speaker, and a Webasto heater. The car was also finished in rare silver metallic paint, a color not yet offcially offered by Porsche on the 911. Impressively correct, including the proper Solex carburetors, and offering great authenticity with features like corresponding chassis-number stamps in the door panels, this sensational early 911 is an extremely pure and complete example that displays numerous uncommon pre-production parts and components.

Ranking higher in importance and rarity than a standard 1965 production 911, this early example of Porsche’s legendary sports car promises to fascinate Stuttgart purists, and offers true connoisseurs a noteworthy opportunity to acquire an authentic and rare early 911.