Lot 113

2014   |   Pebble Beach Auctions 2014

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose Alloy

Coachwork by Scaglietti

SOLD $4,620,000


$3,750,000 - $4,250,000



Car Highlights

Quite Possibly the Ultimate Road-Going 275 GTB
Desirable Alloy Coachwork with Numerous Bespoke Custom Features
Factory Equipped with Six-Carburetor Intake and SNAP Exhaust Extractors
Low-Mileage Example with a Fascinating, Well-Documented Provenance
Complete with Books, Tools, Massini Report, and Ferrari Classiche Certification

Technical Specs

3,285 CC Tipo 213 SOHC V-12 Engine
Six Weber 40 DCN/2 Carburetors
300 BHP at 7,600 RPM
5-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Vacuum-Assisted Dunlop Disc Brakes
4-Wheel Independent Suspension with Wishbones and Coil-Over Shock Absorbers
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Ferrari Classiche Certified | Factory Six-Carb Example with Unique Custom FeaturesAlbert Silvera, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (ordered new through Luigi Chinetti Motors)David Flinn, Miami, Florida (acquired from Milano Motors in 1975)Steven Barney, Greensboro, North Carolina (acquired from the above in late 1982)Warren Mosler, Chicago, Illinois (acquired from the above in February 1983)George Nuse, Norcross, Georgia (acquired from the above via Bill Locke in 1984)Ed Wettach, Jackson, Mississippi (acquired from the above in 1989)Bob Lacoveck, Illinois (acquired via Ferrari of Atlanta circa 2002)Current Owner (acquired from the above)

FCA National Meeting, Watkins Glen, New York, May–June 1990 (Second in Class)Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach, Florida, February 1992 (Second in Class)

The 275 GTB presented here, chassis 07993, is an extraordinary Ferrari, and it should come as no surprise then that its first owner, Haitian diplomat Albert Silvera, was no ordinary man.

According to author Timothy Benford, “Albert Silvera was one of the wealthiest and most influential people in Haiti. Easily a millionaire by any standard. He had a penchant for beautiful and expensive cars. You have to understand who Albert Silvera was and that he was someone who was used to getting his own way. He had been Haiti’s ambassador-at-large for as long as anyone could remember. No matter who was in power in Haiti since the 1940s, Silvera used his wealth to charm his way into their circle.”

A glamorous, old-world gentleman, Silvera maintained residences in Port-au- Prince, Paris, and Miami. He was almost never seen without his signature white linen suit and a cigarette in hand. In 1950, Silvera turned his private estate in Pétionville into the glamorous El Rancho Hotel, a popular jet-set destination frequented by celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, and André Malraux.

Over the years, Silvera owned a variety of beautiful machines: Riva boats, top-of-the-line Rolls-Royce motorcars, and a seemingly endless succession of spectacular Italian sports cars, including various Lamborghinis (a Miura SVJ, an Espada, and three Countaches) and Ferraris (a 250 SWB Berlinetta, a 275 GTB/4, two Berlinetta bBoxers, and this alloy-bodied 275 GTB).

His personal relationships with Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari enabled him to visit their respective factories and tailor a new car to meet his highly individual aesthetic sensibility. With the input of his wife Gladys, Silvera provided sketches and notes to the manufacturer or coachbuilder, who would then create a bespoke product for their valued client.

Among the defining themes of Silvera’s automotive commissions were high performance modifications, chrome trim, exotic color schemes, luxurious interior appointments, and personalized displays that highlighted his diplomatic status.

The history of this Ferrari can be traced back to 1965, when Silvera placed an order for a 275 GTB through the official North American distributor Luigi Chinetti Motors in New York. As would be expected, Mr. Silvera demanded that he receive the latest long-nose model with lightweight aluminum coachwork and specified that his new Ferrari be painted in a distinctive color, Azzurro Perlato Acrillico, a vibrant electric blue that has since been nicknamed “Blu Silvera.”

In keeping with his high standards for performance cars, Silvera also ordered his new Ferrari with a number of special features, including six Weber 40 DCN/2 carburetors topped by velocity stacks, SNAP exhaust extractors, Koni shock absorbers, and Borrani RW 3874 wire wheels with Pirelli tires.

When his car was completed, Silvera traveled to the Ferrari factory to take delivery personally and brought along Robert M. Cressman of Cressman-Baumgarten Ferrari in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Once the 275 GTB was in his hands, Silvera entrusted the car to Sergio Scaglietti, who then personalized the Ferrari by trimming the dashboard in red leather to match the interior upholstery and ftting a custom armrest, driver and passenger headrests, removable seat cushions, and a radio console. At this time, Silvera also requested that Scaglietti fashion special chrome gills for the fender and sail-panel vents, and fabricate a unique, split-rear bumper to showcase his diplomatic license plate.

According to Al Roberts, a Cressman-Baumgarten technician who worked for both Silvera and Haiti’s ruling Duvalier family, Mr. Silvera then drove his new 275 GTB from Modena to his home in Paris, where ofcial Ferrari distributor Charles Pozzi SA performed the first service. From there, the Ferrari was flown to Florida and enjoyed on occasional outings when Silvera made use of his Miami home.

In April 1967, Silvera traded 07993 to the Cressman-Baumgarten Ferrari dealership to make way for a new 275 GTB/4, chassis 09789.

At this time, 07993 was sold to an elderly gentleman in Miami, who used the Ferrari sparingly and retained it until his death. In 1975, his estate sold the car through Milano Motors to David L. Flinn of Miami and, from there, the 275 GTB passed through the ownership of Ferrari enthusiasts Steven Barney and Warren Mosler, before being sold to George Nuse of Norcross, Georgia, in 1984.

Either during or just prior to Mr. Nuse’s ownership, the 275 GTB was refinished in its present white livery. In 1989, after displaying 07993 at numerous FCA meetings throughout the Southeast, Mr. Nuse sold the Ferrari to Ed Wettach of Jackson, Mississippi. A well-known Ferrari collector, Mr. Wettach owned many special 275 models, including an alloy-bodied GTB/4, a Client Competizione model, and a GTB/C among others.

A testament to his appreciation for this particularly special 275 GTB, 07993 was a fixture in Mr. Wettach’s collection from 1989 until 2002, when it was sold through his dealership, Ferrari of Atlanta, to Bob Lacovek, a resident of Illinois.

In January 2008, Mr. Lacovek had 07993 certified by the Ferrari Classiche Department, who issued the Certifcazione di Autenticita and confirmed that the 275 GTB retains its original chassis, alloy body, suspension, brakes, engine (internal no. 848/64), and transaxle (internal no. 407).

Carefully maintained and preserved in the hands of knowledgeable caretakers, 07993 is undoubtedly a standout example of the 275 GTB. With the exception of paintwork and some cosmetic attention performed in the early 1980s, this Ferrari remains in very good and remarkably original order. At the time of cataloguing, the odometer displayed approximately 21,250 miles – a figure that is believed to be original based on previous recordings of 9,039 miles in spring 1983 and 12,600 miles in fall 2002. Most importantly, every feature specified by its original owner remains intact, and the Ferrari is accompanied by a tool roll, owner’s handbooks, Ferrari Classiche Certification, and a history report compiled by marque historian Marcel Massini.

An alloy-bodied, six-carburetor 275 GTB with numerous bespoke features and a rich, well-documented provenance, 07993 is an exceptionally rare and desirable 1960s Ferrari that possesses every special quality sought after by discerning collectors. Gooding & Company is proud to present this magnificent automobile for public sale, as it is surely among the most important and distinctive examples of the legendary 275 GTB.