Lot 121

2013   |   Pebble Beach Auctions 2013

2012 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante By Touring Full-Scale Design Model

Coachwork by Touring Superleggera

SOLD $66,000


$60,000 - $80,000| Without Reserve

Car Highlights

A 1:1 Scale Model Concept
Designed to Commemorate 1952’s Legendary Disco Volante
Shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show
A Truly Unique Piece of Alfa Romeo and Touring Superleggera Styling History
Proceeds to Benefit the Pebble Beach Company Foundation
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The Model

Very few automotive designs rouse fascination like the Alfa Romeo C52 Disco Volante. The project briefing at Carrozzeria Touring in 1952 mentioned the need for a shape that was “insensitive to wind,” and the low-profile aerodynamic design, far ahead of its time, was registered as design patent.

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Touring’s immortal Disco Volante, Touring Superleggera has revisited the car’s basic form with the stunning Disco Volante 2012 Concept presented here. The non-functional design model is built in 1:1 scale, in keeping with the design parameters of the current Alfa Romeo 8C. The integrated front bonnet and wings result in a dramatic monolithic frontal area, while the stout lines of the rear end leave no doubt as to the car’s sporting purpose. The overall tear-drop shape reflects classic proportion with respect for aerodynamic principles. Styling cues of the past can be found in subtle details, including the pronounced beltline of matte finish aluminum – partially covering the front wheels – and the prolonged lines of the rear section culminating in a narrowed fascia and traditional round taillights. The shape combines power and elegance, integrating a balance between rigid and fluid lines in the best Touring tradition.

This design model was shown at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show on the Touring Superleggera booth where it was announced that the project formed the basis of an extremely limited series of road cars built to this design on the Alfa Romeo 8C platform. An estimated 4,000 hours of labor are required to transform a customer’s privately owned 8C donor car into the aluminum and carbon fiber paneled superleggera Disco Volante.

This design model is a unique piece of Alfa Romeo history and is a testament to the continuing design talents of the Milanese coachbuilder and design studio and is sure to add a fascinating dimension to the collection of any Alfa Romeo and Touring enthusiast.

Gooding & Company is pleased to announce that the proceeds from the sale of this lot will benefit the Pebble Beach Company Foundation.