Online Catalogue

The complete online catalogue will be available on Tuesday, January 18.

Pre-Auction Viewing

All Geared Online lots are available for viewing and inspection, by appointment only, in Van Nuys, California (January 18 - 21) and in Scottsdale, Arizona (January 26 - 28). Please email or call 310.899.1960 to make arrangements.

Please note that due to COVID-19 safety measures, all Gooding & Company visitors will be required to comply with all posted guidelines and directives received from Gooding & Company staff during their visit.

Buyer's Premium

10% of the final bid price for vehicle lots
25% of the final bid price for automobilia lots

The Buyer’s Premium is in addition to the final bid price that is displayed after “Purchased For.”

Important Notices

Please read the Conditions of Sale for the full terms and conditions of sale. Each capitalized term used but not defined below will have the meaning assigned in the Conditions of Sale.

Bidder Registration and Bidding

Online bidder registration is available through Gooding & Company’s website and through Gooding & Company’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. After the submission of your application, a Gooding & Company representative will contact you to finalize your registration.
For more information about bidding or registration please email

Prospective bidders will be required to complete and execute the applicable registration application forms and provide identification (Driver’s License or Passport for individuals and corporate documentation for companies) and provide an original Bank Letter of Guarantee or other form of proof of ability to pay for purchases, in either case, in an amount and in a form acceptable to Gooding in its sole discretion (the “Guarantee”).

Prospective bidders authorize the release of financial information to Gooding for the purposes of verifying ability to pay for purchases.
Please ensure that Gooding & Company receives your completed bidder registration form and Guarantee no later than 24 hours before the close of the Geared Online Auction in which you wish to bid.

Registered bidders may participate in the Geared Online Auction via Gooding & Company’s website and/or mobile app. Please first download Gooding & Company’s bidding app through the iTunes store or Google Play store by searching “Gooding & Company”. For more information about bidding or registration please email

For lots offered “without reserve,” bidding will start at $25. For lots with a reserve, bidding will start at half (50%) of the published low estimate. Bidding will then proceed according to the increment table below.

Geared Online bid increment table

Each bid is final, binding, and irrevocable, and bidders may not change, retract or rescind any bid once made.

Additional Fees

In addition to the final bid price (which is the amount displayed after "Purchased For"), the Buyer is required to pay Gooding a percentage of the final bid price, the Buyer’s Premium. This Geared Online Auction will have the following Buyer’s Premium:

  • 10% of the final bid price for vehicle lots
  • 25% of the final bid price for automobilia lots

The Buyer is responsible for all applicable state and local sales and/or use taxes, duties, tariffs, and license fees on any lot purchased. If Gooding is required to collect sales tax on your purchase, Gooding will outline that additional tax on your invoice. If Gooding is not required to collect sales tax on your purchase, you may be required to pay taxes directly to the state or your local tax authority. For more information we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

Payment of the full Purchase Price (as defined in the Conditions of Sale) must be received by Gooding by 5:00 pm MST on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

Lot Removal and Storage
The Buyer must make immediate arrangements for the collection and transport of all purchased lots. All lots must be removed from Gooding & Company’s Scottsdale storage facility at Buyer’s risk and expense by 5:00 pm MST no later than by 5:00 pm MST on Friday, February 4, 2022. Please contact for assistance in making removal arrangements.

The Buyer is solely responsible for making arrangements for the collection and transport of any purchased lot, but Gooding & Company offers Buyers the following referral for domestic vehicle transportation:

Intercity Lines
Jim Bergeron
(800) 221-3936

Any lot not removed by Friday, February 4, 2022, will be assessed a storage fee of up to $50 per day. Buyer hereby grants Gooding an irrevocable power of attorney to remove and store purchased lots at a third-party warehouse at Buyer’s risk and expense.

For additional answers to your questions regarding online bidding and Geared Online, please see the FAQ page.

On-Site Contact Information

Telephone: 310-899-1960
Fax: 310-526-6594