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2022   |   Geared Online Scottsdale Edition

1972 Volvo 1800ES Sport Wagon


$70,000 - $90,000





Car Highlights

Among the Most Revered Models in the Company’s History

One of the Finest Restored Examples

Two-Year Production Run Yielding a Scant 8,078 ES-Series Wagons

Features Desirable Four-Speed Gearbox, Optioned with Air-Conditioning and Overdrive

A Truly Outstanding Volvo Worthy of Concours Display

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Garth Hammers

In 1972, Volvo added a sporting estate wagon model to complement the highly successful 1800E Sports Coupe. The new 1800ES featured an innovative all-glass rear hatch that smartly accented the rear of the body, between taillights designed exclusively for the model. Offering significantly more interior space than the coupe, the 1800ES was hailed for its styling, penned by in-house Volvo designer Jan Wilsgaard, and can well be considered the first true sports wagon. Unfortunately, increasingly stringent US regulations precluded the 1800ES from being imported for the 1974 model year. Production ceased after just 8,078 Sport Wagons had been built, and the surviving examples have been prized by Volvo aficionados ever since.

Reportedly enthusiast-owned since new, this 1800ES was specified in Light Blue Metallic (Code 111) paint, with a four-speed manual gearbox, air-conditioning, and electric overdrive. In 2017, the beautifully preserved Volvo was purchased from a retired dentist by accomplished restorer Scott McPherson of Arizona and was treated to a significant refurbishment. The 1800ES was refinished in its original color, the brightwork was removed and polished, the air-conditioning and engine cooling systems were serviced, and the entire car was meticulously cleaned and detailed. In the hands of its current caretaker since 2018, the 1800ES has been maintained by a professional staff, and it remains one of the finest examples of the desirable Sports Wagon known to exist. As a stylish and usable collectible, now entering its 50th year, this sparkling Volvo has a charm all of its own.