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1959 Lister-Chevrolet Sports Racer

From The Estate of Erickson Shirley

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SOLD $423,000


$400,000 - $600,000| Without Reserve


BHL 132

Car Highlights

Exceedingly Rare as One of Just 17 Lister-Costin Chassis Built

Sold New by Carroll Shelby Sports Cars Inc. to Team Owner John Edgar

Accompanied by Original Documents Supplied by Will Edgar

Very Well-Sorted Race Car, Maintained by Dennison International Motorsports with Many Spares

Vintage Raced Extensively by Erick Shirley; Exceptionally Researched History

Technical Specs

331 CID OHV Chevrolet V-8 Engine

Hilborn/Kinsler Fuel Injection

Estimated 500 BHP

4-Speed Borg-Warner Super T10 4-Speed Manual Gearbox

4-Wheel Dunlop Disc Brakes

Front Independent Suspension with Coil-Over Dampers

Rear De Dion Axle with Trailing Arms and Coil-Over Dampers

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John Edgar, Encino, California (acquired new via Carroll Shelby Sports Cars Inc.)

John Snyder (acquired circa 1962)

Dan Whitz/Mike Koslosky, California (acquired via Don Blair circa 1962)

Ron Bennett, Lynwood, California (acquired circa 1963)

Peter Boyd, California (acquired via Airline Motors in late 1968)

John Harper, UK (acquired via Christopher Renwick/Dan Margulies in 1973)

Roger Brierley-Jones, North Wales, UK

Paul Leuch, Kineton, Warwickshire, UK (acquired circa 1987)

Ed Hubbard, UK

The Vintage Motorsport Educational Foundation/Syd Silverman, Boca Raton, Florida (acquired from the above circa 2000)

Erickson Shirley (acquired from the above in 2010)

SCCA Regional (Modified), California, 1962, Snyder

USSCC Regional Pomona, California, 1962, Edmison, No. 65 (4th)

SCCA Regional Pomona, California, 1963, Edmison, No. 65 (DNF)

Watkins Glen Grand Prix, New York, 1963, Snyder, No. 9, (DNF)

Road America 500, Wisconsin, 1963, Snyder/Hayes, No. 11 (DNF)

Governor’s Trophy, 10th Annual Bahamas Speed Weeks, 1963, Snyder, No. 79 (DNF)

Texas Classic Race Nassau, 10th Annual Bahamas Speed Weeks, 1963, Snyder, No. 79 (DNF)

American Challenge Cup, Third Annual Daytona Continental, Florida, 1964, Snyder, No. 1 (DNF)

USRRC Pensacola, Florida, 1964, Snyder, No. 1 (DNF)

SCCA Regional Willow Springs, California, Bennett (1st, C-Modified)

Stardust Grand Prix at Las Vegas, 1965, Bennett, No. 65

SCCA Regional Willow Springs, California, 1965, Bennett (DNF)

British Empire Trophy, Silverstone, City, UK, 1974, Harper (Winner)

HMSA LSR Invitational, 2011, Shirley, No. 25 (3rd)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion, 2011, Shirley, No. 25 (10th, Group 3)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Races, 2011, Shirley, No. 25 (6th, Group 3B)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion, 2012, Shirley, No. 25 (4th, Group 6)

The Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion, 2013, Shirley, No. 25 (2nd, Group 7) Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, 2013, Shirley (Participant).

Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, 2013, Shirley (Participant)

HMSA Spring Club Races, California, 2013, Shirley (Participant)

Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, 2013, Shirley (Best Performance and Presentation Award, Group 5)

HMSA LSR Invitational, California, 2013, Shirley (Winner, Group Two Trophy Race)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Races, 2013, Shirley, No. 25 (3rd, Group 7A)

Dobson Motorsports Speed Days, California, 2014, Shirley (Participant)

HMSA Spring Club Races, California, 2014, Shirley, No. 25 (Winner, Group 1 Saturday Race)

SVRA Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational, 2013, Shirley, No. 25 (15th)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, 2014, Shirley, No. 25 (14th, Group 6A)

SVRA US Vintage Grand Prix, Watkins Glen, New York, 2014, Shirley, No. 25 (3rd, Sprint Race 2)

SVRA US Vintage National Championship, Texas, 2014, Shirley, No. 25 (Winner from Pole)

HMSA Spring Club Races, California, 2015, Shirley, No. 25 (Participant)

SVRA Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational, 2015, Shirley (15th Overall)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, 2015, Shirley, No. 25 (5th in Group 5A)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, 2016, Shirley, No. 25

SVRA US Vintage Racing National Championship, Texas, 2016, Shirley/Argetsinger, No. 25 (6th, Vintage/Classic Endurance Race Group 1A and 11th, Feature Race)

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, 2017, Shirley, No. 25

SVRA Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, 2018, Shirley, No. 25, (Participant, Group 4)

Ranking firmly among the most successful and innovative postwar British constructors, Lister earned a brilliant victory tally during its brief original period of activity during the 1950s. Developed in 1958, the Frank Costin-designed, spaceframe-chassis Lister-Costin succeeded the legendary “Knobbly” and served as the final Lister model built.

This Lister-Chevrolet, chassis BHL 132, has a provenance documented by fascinating and extensive correspondence that was compiled by Erickson Shirley, who acquired the car in late 2010. Significantly, original paperwork and correspondence for the car was sourced directly from William Edgar, son of the car’s first owner – the famed racing team owner John Edgar. Ordered by Carroll Shelby for Edgar in 1958, BHL 132 was initially intended to be powered by a Maserati V-8 engine and driven by Shelby for Edgar. However, correspondence on file documents that extensive re-engineering delayed construction. Consequently, BHL 132 was delivered later than Shelby hoped and it remained unused after shipment to Edgar in California.

Subsequently, Lance Reventlow’s chief mechanic and driver, Chuck Daigh, tested BHL 132 and found more development was required. In early 1960, Edgar folded his racing operation and all cars, including BHL 132, were sold off. While details of this period are not clearly defined, Mr. Shirley’s research indicates that John Snyder owned and raced the Lister in the early 1960s using a 402 cid four by four (4" bore and stroke) Chevy V-8 engine built by So-Cal racing great and future NHRA Hall-of-Famer, Lefty Mudersbach. It was subsequently acquired via pioneering California speed merchant Don Blair, circa 1962 by Dan Whitz, who partnered with Mike Koslosky and hired both Snyder and professional drag, sprint, and road-racer Bob Edmison to extensively drag- and road-race the car through 1964. Significant road race events run by BHL 132 in this period include the Nassau Speed Weeks, Elkhart Lake 500, and the 1964 Daytona Continental, all with Snyder at the wheel.

Subsequent owners include Californian SCCA racer Ron Bennett, who campaigned the Lister in SCCA C-Modified, and ultimately the inaugural 1965 Stardust Grand Prix. Sans engine and gearbox, the Lister was acquired by young student, singer, and songwriter Peter Boyd in late 1968. According to correspondence on file, Boyd installed a 327 Chevy engine and modified Powerglide automatic transmission, daily-driving the car and establishing a profitable reputation with it in street races between classes and recording sessions.

In 1973, British classic-car broker Christopher Renwick, then working in California, acquired BHL 132 and repatriated it to the UK, selling it to John Harper, who would drive the Lister in a new JCB-sponsored historic racing series. Often victorious, Harper reportedly drew the ire of British race organizers for his victories with American V-8 power and retrofitted a 3.8-litre Jaguar powerplant, going on to win the 1974 British Empire Trophy race at Silverstone. The Lister remained in the UK through much of the 1980s, receiving FIA Historic Vehicle Identity papers in 1987 with Jaguar power, under then-owner Paul Leuch of Warwickshire. Subsequently, BHL 132 passed through Roger Brierley-Jones to fellow Briton Ed Hubbard, owner of Waxoyl S.A., who campaigned the Lister in Europe and later in Florida during the 1990s, before selling it to Variety publisher, vintage racer, and Lister collector and enthusiast Syd Silverman. Following exportation to the US, BHL 132 received a high-quality restoration by John Harden, the noted racing car specialist in Oklahoma, including original Costin-Lister front and rear bodywork and refitting of a period-style Chevy small-block V-8 racing engine and four-speed manual gearbox.

Mr. Shirley acquired BHL 132 after performing background research, continuing the effort with a great deal of historical assistance provided by past owners and drivers, plus extensive correspondence and interviews with members of the Southern California racing fraternity. A virtual fixture at many of today’s historic racing venues, including Laguna Seca and the Circuit of the Americas, BHL 132 benefits handsomely from years of expert maintenance and race preparation by noted West Coast specialists at Dennison International Motorsports. As offered, BHL 132 is accompanied by a spares package, including a correct set of Halibrand magnesium racing wheels, plus a dossier containing original John Edgar/Shelby purchase documents and correspondence, plus numerous press articles, historical records, and photographs documenting its rich and lengthy racing history. Lovingly and professionally maintained and appropriately raced at top vintage events under the most recent ownership, this captivating Lister-Chevrolet remains under expert care and stands ready to return to the track with its next caretaker.


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