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2022   |   Pebble Beach Auctions

1994 Bugatti EB110 Super Sport

SOLD $3,167,500


$3,000,000 - $3,500,000





Car Highlights

The Ultimate EB110 as One of Just 30 Regular-Production EB110 Super Sports Ever Built

Just 991 Km when Catalogued; One of the Lowest-Mileage Examples Extant

Finished in the Rare Color of Grigio Chiaro Metallizato

Offered with Books, Tools, Accessories, and Promotional Brochures

The Best of French Heritage and Italian Engineering

Technical Specs

3,499 CC Quad-Turbocharged DOHC 60º V-12 Engine

Bugatti Multi-Point Fuel Injection

603 BHP at 8,250 RPM

6-Speed Manual All-Wheel-Drive Transaxle

4-Wheel Dual-Circuit Hydraulic Disc Brakes

4-Wheel Independent Suspension

Register to Bid

Angus Dykman

Ariane Müller, Germany (acquired new via Auto König in 1994)

Private Collector, Japan

Private Collector, Switzerland (acquired in 2012)

Current Owner (acquired in 2019)

Between the two French incarnations of Bugatti automobile production was an Italian line – Bugatti S.p.A. – established by respected entrepreneur Romano Artioli after he acquired the rights to the marque in 1987. Bugatti S.p.A. introduced its signature model, christening it the EB110 in 1991, to commemorate Ettore Bugatti’s 110th birthday.

Artioli’s new supercar was the synthesis of an all-star cast of preeminent design and engineering talents, starting with a carbon fiber tub woven by Aérospatiale, which built the Concorde supersonic airliner. The tub was fastened in monocoque style to scintillating coachwork by famed designer Marcello Gandini, who had previously penned Lamborghini’s Miura and Countach, as well as the Lancia Stratos.

The Bugatti EB110 was available in two iterations, the EB110 GT, which featured an electronically deployed rear wing, and the EB110 Super Sport, a more exclusive version designed for all-out performance. In all, only 136 examples were completed, according to the EB110 Registry, and of those, only 30 were regular-production Super Sport models, making them the rarest and most desirable version.

Bugatti announced the EB110 Super Sport at the Geneva Motor Show in 1992, six months after the launch of the EB110 GT. By fitting a new ECU, along with larger injectors and a less restrictive exhaust system, horsepower was increased by 53 bhp to 603 bhp. Bugatti was also able to reduce overall weight by over 150 kg through replacing some aluminum panels with carbon Kevlar panels bonded to the chassis, and the car tipped the scales at just 3,086 pounds. The Super Sport was powered by a V-12 designed by former Lamborghini engineer Paolo Stanzani that featured 60 valves and was outfitted with four turbochargers feeding 12 individual throttle bodies.

Thanks to these upgrades, the EB110 Super Sport boasted a 0–60 time of 3.26 seconds, leading to an official top speed of 220 mph. No other car of its period, neither the Ferrari F50 nor the Porsche GT1, matched its performance or driving capabilities. Its stunning performance figures earned the EB110 Super Sport the distinction of being the world’s fastest production car. Rarer than the McLaren F1, the EB110 Super Sport boasted highly similar performance figures. It even made a striking appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1994, the first Bugatti at the famed endurance race in 55 years. Positioned in the GT1 category, the EB110 Super Sport was the fastest qualifier in its class.

This Super Sport was first delivered to Ariane Müller in Germany on March 23, 1994, via the dealer Auto König. The Bugatti was finished in the stunning color of Grigio Chiaro Metallizzato (Light Gray Metallic) with a black leather interior. After spending some time in Japan in a collection of other important supercars, this EB110 Super Sport made its way to Switzerland in 2012 and, at the time of cataloguing, had covered just 991 km from new.

Having covered so few miles, this must surely be one of the most sparingly used EB110s in existence. The consignor, a collector of important modern supercars and other world-class collector cars, had work carried out by B. Engineering S.r.l. in Italy in 2019.

Accompanying the car is a range of documentation, including original books and road test reports, highlighting the phenomenal performance and usability of the EB110 Super Sport and the superiority of its performance compared to most of its contemporaries.

The EB110, representing a unique segment in the fabled marque’s history, was one of the most desirable supercars of the 1990s, and it holds a dear place in the hearts of many enthusiasts. With only 30 production Super Sports built, they remain the most coveted iterations of the model. Finding one in exceptional condition and with such limited mileage is truly a rare and unique occasion, making this car one of the finest EB110s in the world.

This rare Bugatti EB110 Super Sport should compel the attention of any Bugatti enthusiast or supercar collector who is seeking an outstanding example of Romano Artioli’s brilliant contribution to the legendary marque.

*Please note that this vehicle will not be sold for use or resale in California or to a non-dealer California Resident.