Lot 101

2022   |   Pebble Beach Auctions

c. 1929 Duesenberg Model J Instrument Panel

SOLD $42,500


$10,000 - $20,000| Without Reserve

Car Highlights


A Cast-Aluminum Instrument Panel from a Duesenberg Model J

Complete with Correct, Early Style Gauges, and Service Light Lenses

An Exceedingly Rare Find

Includes Emergency Brake Lever

The Perfect Accompaniment to a Model J Display Engine

Saleroom Addendum

Please note that the brake handle accompanying this Duesenberg instrument panel is likely an Auburn part, rather than Duesenberg, as described in the catalogue.

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Garth Hammers

The Duesenberg Model J continues to endure, over 90 years after its debut, as the king of American classic cars. From its fire-breathing 265 hp DOHC straight-eight engine, to its jewel-like chrome trim, and truly staggering purchase price, the Model J stands alone in nearly all respects. Interiors of both the open and closed cars were opulently festooned in the finest leather, wool, and wood. Options, styles, and configurations were limited only to the purchaser’s imagination, but all Model Js featured the same sparkling, fully outfitted instrument panel, and are instantly recognizable.

The instrument panel offered here is a rare and exciting find, as it features a full complement of proper Duesenberg OEM gauges, including a Jaeger Eight-Day Chronograph and 10,000-foot altimeter. The pair of early, drum-type speedometer and rev counter are present, and oil pressure, water temperature, amperes, fuel level, and brake-force instruments round out the array. Each of the four service-light lenses are in place as well. The back of the panel reveals it to be as masterfully engineered as the rest of the car. It is a complex aluminum casting, designed to securely hold only the exact instruments that Duesenberg sourced at the start of production. An incredibly rare and special piece for any passionate collector, this fascinating artifact would be an ideal addition to a Model J display engine, or as a wonderfully interesting office enhancement. Conversely, it would certainly be “instrumental” in completing a Duesenberg’s restoration.